All lectures will be held either on-site with online streaming or online and with streaming in the Lecture hall. The Local Organising Committee will work hard to ensure smooth transitions and interactivity between all participants.

The length of lectures is 40 minutes for Plenary, 30 minutes for Invited and 20 minutes for Orals including discussion*. Strict timekeeping will be essential for the smooth running of this conference and we kindly ask you for your help with it. Lectures must be in English.

Additionally, elevator pitch sessions are planned for Poster contributions to facilitate interaction with online participants, with presenting time limited to 3 minutes.

Detailed instructions are available here.

*In the case that we are forced to go fully online due to a worsening of pandemic situation, lecture length will be adapted to a newer fully online schedule. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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Final timetable:

Tentative timetable

Detailed timetable:

17:00 Welcome reception & Registration

8:00 Registration
8:50 Opening ceremony
Chair: Alenka Mertelj
9:20 PL1: Richard Mandle
An Unexpected Discovery of a New Nematic Phase
10:00 O1: Mingjun Huang
How far can we push the length limit of rod mesogens for ferroelectric nematic liquid crystals?
10:20 Poster Pitch Session: Kazuyuki Hiraoka, Pierre Nacke, Federico Caimi
10:30 Coffee break
Chair: Alberta Ferrarini
11:00 I1: Satoshi Aya
Topology and electro-optic properties of ferroelectric nematic materials
11:30 O2: Nerea Sebastián
Investigations of the nematic to ferroelectric nematic transition
11:50 O3: Peter Salamon
Droplets and inverse droplets of a polar nematic material in electric fields
12:10 Poster Pitch Session: Marcell Máthé, Josu Martinez-Perdiguero, Marouen Chemingui, Andrej Petelin
12:30 Lunch
Chair: Hajnalka Nadasi
14:00 I2: Carsten Tschierske
Chirality synchronization in fluids by network formation
14:30 O4: Matthias Lehmann
Design of polar subphthalocyanine star mesogens for photoconductive materials – alignment, photophysical and electronic properties
14:50 O5: Alberto Concellón
Electric-Field-Induced Chirality in Columnar Liquid Crystals
15:10 Poster Pitch Session: Jakub Karcz, Barbora Jansová, Michal Šmahel, Magdalena Urbańska, Mohamed Alaasar
15:30 Coffee break
Chair: Alexey Eremin
16:00 I3: Ivan Smalyukh
Pseudo-polar orientational order in monoclinic nematics
16:30 O6: Gregory Smith
Existence of the B-Form DNA helix in nanoDNA liquid crystals and its variation due to aggregate assembly
16:50 Poster Pitch Session: Peter Tipping, Giovanni Nava, Daniel Budaszewski, Melani Potrč
17:20 On-site Poster Session
19:00 End of Day 1

Chair: Kristiaan Neyts
9:00 I4: Jan Lagerwall
Enabling technological revolutions with the endless potential of Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors (CSRs)
9:30 O7: Inge Nys
Surface induced metastable chiral liquid crystal structures with hysteresis switching
9:50 O8: Natalia Podoliak
Smectic A layers undulations manifested through the stripe textures in achiral liquid crystals
10:10 Poster Pitch Session: Marcell Máthé, Vitaly Sutormin, Yu Wang
10:30 Coffee break
Chair: Slobodan Žumer
11:00 I5: Oleg Lavrentovich
Optics and material properties of oblique helicoidal cholesterics
11:30 O9: Migle Stebryte
Forward diffraction by chiral liquid crystal gratings with inclined helical axis
11:50 O10: Wojciech Tomczyk
Flexopolarization and its role in the formation of twist-bend nematic phase: bridging theory and experiment
12:10 Poster Pitch Session: Olena Iadlovska, Olga Strzeżysz, Vitaly P. Panov
12:30 Lunch
Chair: Peter Salamon
14:00 I6: Antal Jákli
Multiple ferroelectric nematic phases of a highly polar liquid crystal compound
14:30 O11: Žiga Gregorin
Dynamics of domain formation in a ferromagnetic liquid
14:50 Poster Pitch Session: Tommaso Bellini, Mojca Vilfan, Sergey Pasechnik, Peter Salamon, Xi Chen, Michely Rosseto
15:20 Coffee break
Chair: Martin Čopič
16:00 O12: Joseph Maclennan
Experimental studies of the structure and phase behaviour of two ferroelectric nematic liquid crystals
16:20 PL2: Noel Clark
Antiferroelectric Smectic Ordering as a Prelude to the Ferroelectric Nematic: Introducing the Smectic Z Phase
17:20 Online Poster Session (in
19:00 End of Day 2

Chair: Nataša Vaupotič
9:00 PL3: Ewa Górecka
Photonic band gap in achiral liquid crystals – a twist on a twist
9:40 I7: Dong Ki Yoon
Light-driven fabrication of helical nanostructures for optical applications
10:10 O13: Jun-ichi Fukuda
Simulation study of twin boundaries in cholesteric blue phase
10:30 Poster Pitch Session: Nataša Vaupotič, Hyewon Park, Yun-Seok Choi
10:40 Coffee break
Chair: Miha Ravnik
11:10 O14: Simon Čopar
Chiral topological states in flowing achiral nematics
11:30 O15: Guilhem Poy
Optical solitons and chirality-enhanced nonlinear optical response in frustrated cholesterics
11:50 O16: Liana Lucchetti
Pitch tuning induced by optical torque in heliconical cholesteric liquid crystals
12:10 Poster Pitch Session: Matevž Marinčič, Urban Mur, Cheng Long, Sławomir Pieprzyk, Dina Jukić
12:30 Lunch
14:00 End of Day 3

Chair: Matthias Lehmann
9:00 PL4: Fumito Araoka
Mixtures of Polar Columnar Liquid Crystals – Does the Domain Size Effect Improve the Switching Speed?
9:40 I8: Goran Ungar
Liquid crystal phase of counter-rotating staircases – A case of antiferrochirality
10:10 O17: Xiangbing Zeng
Molecular Origin of Spontaneous Macroscopic Chirality in Bicontinuous Cubic and Non-cubic Phases
10:30 Poster Pitch Session: Nika Kralj, Dorota Dardas, Tetiana Yevchenko
10:40 Coffee break
Chair: Jan Lagerwall
11:10 I9: Surajit Dhara
Smectic-like rheology and pseudolayer compression elastic constant of a twist-bend nematic liquid crystal
11:40 O18: Maria Helena Godinho
Cellulose-based composites for colour-changing structural powders and inks
12:00 O19: Per Rudquist
Confinement, twist elasticity and intrinsic chirality in micellar lyotropic nematic liquid crystals: A delicate balancing act
12:20 Poster Pitch Session: Irena Drevenšek Olenik, Peter Medle Rupnik, Vladimira Novotna, Paweł Perkowski, Patricija Hribar Boštjančič
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Online Poster Session (in
15:30 Coffee break
Chair: Mojca Čepič
16:00 I10: Alberta Ferrarini
Molecular features and polar nematic order
16:30 O20: Davide Revignas
How shape polarity and concavity of mesogens affect Frank elastic constants
16:50 O21: Jonathan Selinger
Director Deformations, Geometric Frustration, and Modulated Phases in Liquid Crystals
17:10 O22: Dina Jukić
Chiral polar bent-shape system: Why do gaps appear between certain relaxation modes?
19:30 Conference dinner

Chair: Oleg Lavrentovich
9:00 PL5: Sofia Kantorovich
The effects of particle shape on the self-assembly
9:40 I11: Alexey Eremin
Magnetic Tilting in Nematic Liquid Crystals driven by Self-Assembly
10:10 O23: Melvin Küster
Ferromagnetic nematics in rotating and oscillating magnetic fields
10:30 Coffee break
Chair: Simon Čopar
11:00 I12: Vladimir Chigrinov
Photoaligned ferroelectric liquid crystals: new electrooptical modes
11:30 O24: Mikhail Osipov
Competition between ferroelectric ordering and elastic instability in polar nematic LCs. Why the ferromagnetic state may be stable while the ferroelectric one is not.
11:50 O25: Oxana Prishchepa
Periodic structures of linear defects in cholesteric layer with conical-planar anchoring under electric field
12:10 Closing Ceremony
12:30 Lunch
14:00 End of the conference

Photo by Mojca Vilfan