The length of all lectures is 25+5 minutes including discussion. We strongly advise for strict timekeeping as it will be essential for the smooth running of the workshop and we kindly ask you for your help with it. Lectures must be in English.

Additionally, we are planning elevator pitch sessions to facilitate interaction with all participants, with presenting time limited to 5 minutes. In this case presentations will need to be uploaded to the workshop computer to ensure smooth and efficient transition between pitch speakers.


Tentative timetable

Detailed timetable:

8:30 Registration
8:45 Opening ceremony
9:00 Tommaso Bellini
Topic: FNLC confined in microchannels and superscreening
9:30 Liana Luccheti
Topic: FNLC droplets confined between lithium niobate substrates
10:00 Péter Salamon
Interfacial instabilities in ferroelectric nematics controlled by electric fields
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Jonathan Selinger
Do Ferroelectric Nematics Love or Hate Splay?
11:30 Alenka Mertelj
To be announced
12:00 Yu-Tung Hsiao
Lateral electric field switching in photo-aligned and rubbed ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal cells
12:30 Pitches
13:00 Lunch (IJS Menza)
15:00 Noel Clark
To be announced
15:30 Pierre Nacke
To be announced (Nature of the antiferroelectric SmZA phase)
16:00 Aitor Erkoreka
Dielectric spectroscopy of polar nematic liquid crystals
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Nataša Vaupotič
Do ferroelectric nematics really have a huge dielectric permittivity?
17:30 Vladimira Novotna
Twisted domains in ferroelectric nematic liquid crystals

9:00 Oleg Lavrentovich
Periodic states of ferroelectric nematic liquid crystals
9:30 Yu Zou
Electric-polarization topologies of achiral and chiral ferroelectric nematics in confined spaces
10:00 Simon Čopar
To be announced
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Richard J. Mandle
To be announced
11:30 Damian Pociecha
To be announced
12:00 Przemysław Kula
Towards ferroelectric twist-bend – molecular design approach
12:30 Pitches
13:00 Lunch (IJS Menza)
15:00 Antal Jákli
Piezoelectric Liquids and fluid ferroelectric filaments
15:30 Peter Medle-Rupnik
Viscous mechano-electric effect in ferroelectric nematics
16:00 Alexey Eremin
To be announced
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Marcell Máthé
Active state and optical manipulation of polar nematic droplets
17:30 Qi-Huo Wei
Topological Structures of Domain Walls in Ferroelectric Nematic Liquid Crystals
19:00 Workshop Dinner – Gostilna Čad

9:00 Corrie Imrie / Rebecca Walker
Structure-property relationships in ferroelectric nematogens
9:30 Yaohao Song
Design of high birefringence ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal materials
10:00 Matjaž Humar
To be announced (Tuneable entangled photon pair generation in a liquid crystal)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Hiroya Nishikawa
To be announced
11:30 Mojca Čepič
To be announced
12:00 Federico Caimi & Stefano Marni
To be announced
12:30 Pitches & Closing
13:00 Lunch (IJS Menza)
15:00 Lab visits/Disc. Time
16:30 Coffee break